3 comments on “HOLD THE LINE! BioWare’s Arrogance and “Artistic Integrity”

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  2. Artistic Integrity, Casey Hudson wouldn’t know what Artistic Integrity was. Games are Entertaiment or a way of telling a story. As for the line We are listening, loosely translated We just want you to shut up and go away.

    • Agreed. I have been keeping my eye on this situation since it broke, writing a few posts about what is going on, and since the announcement of the Extended Cut, we’ve heard nothing. My guess is that they’re going to “clarify” their horrible ending and then when people complain about it, they’ll turn around and say “See? You can’t please them.”

      If they were listening to us, they would have apologized already instead of pretending their depressing and incoherent endings are “artistic” and we simply don’t understand them. Forget “artistic integrity,” I doubt they have any integrity, artistic or otherwise.

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