2 comments on “A Dishonest Account: The Ashley Smith Media Narrative

  1. Ashly had many problems and was not treated even close to humanely or even legally.”We put a mentally I’ll person in prison,failed care,and this is the result”.watch the video,”ashly do you need us to come in and cut that off”? ” REALLY ” ! It’s sad we find no criminal fault in this daily csc behavior.

    • Humanely? What is your definition of humane treatment? What about how she treated prison staff? After she stabbing them with broken glass, throwing her shit at them, they took steps to protect themselves. Why do you ignore that? Why isn’t their safety a concern of yours?

      Ashley wasn’t the victim you and other portray her as. Her parents failed to raise her properly, failed to stop her from assault postal workers, and failed to keep her in line after her first charge. If anyone failed Ashley, it was them, not prison staff.

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