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I am a Canadian who was born in the political heart of my great country, Ottawa, Ontario (the nation’s capital). I think of myself as more-or-less socially moderate but fiscally conservative. I also believe in the importance of a country’s military. Like Al Capone said, “You can get a lot farther with a smile and a gun than you can with just a smile”, and it is important we remember that in a Post-9/11 world. Religiously, while I don’t always agree with my church. I believe myself to be an educated Catholic. I do hold political positions which are supported by religious teachings but I understand that there have to be some separation between the between Christianity and secular authority. “Therefore render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s.” (Matthew 22:21)

I have a bachelors degree in economics from the University of Ottawa and I’m working on a second degree in history from Carleton University. I also spent a year abroad in Nantong, China teaching English at the college level. This experience help further my political and social beliefs, giving me more appreciation for our democratic system and a deeper understanding of personal rights and freedoms.

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  1. Hello.

    Can I ask (I didn’t see an answer to my question on your blog) what the name clancop means? Are you really?

    I met an interesting person this weekend who has worked with the clan all over the country – processing them for crimes etc.

    Anyway – had one of the most interesting conversations I have had in a long time about the subject and was curious about the name!

    Take care

  2. Well “clancop” has nothing to do with the “Klan”, matter of fact, it is C Lancop, my name. Lancop is my last name, with “Lancop” coming from the German “Langcophf”.

    Seems some far-left bloggers out there have decided to use my name as some sort of proof that I am racist. Just because I don’t support Barack Obama, doesn’t mean I don’t like “coloured folk”. Being Canadian, I grew up around people of various backgrounds, both racial and religious.

    I hope that answers your question.

  3. I am impressed by your comments on the US election while you are not an American. Your comments are even more solid than a lot of Americans. May I know how did you do that? Was your knowledge and skill in analysing history helping your understanding in politics and policies or you had practical experience in some sort of political position?

  4. Well I have followed this political race for the last year. I have learned a lot about each candidate and I think John McCain is by far the better one for President. It might seem kind of surprising, but in Canada we don’t take an “American Idol” look at who should be in the country’s highest post.

    We examine the issues, weight the pros and cons, and then decide who to vote for. While the media does try to push one candidate or another down our throats, we don’t have a short memory concerning what has been done by certain politicians and political parties. In the four, now five party system (the Green Party is a joke), there is only two that anyone really votes for, the Liberals and the Progressive Conservatives. The New Democratic Party (NDP) is favoured by students and the ignorant, but those in the know realize that the promises of higher spending and their awkward foreign policies are not things we as Canadians should support.

    I hope that helps you understand my position and why I say what I do. I just wish Americans could realize what Canadian do about their politicians, especially Barack Obama.

  5. I’m glad you came by my California site. We are in trouble if he gets in. Rigged. Very bad, worse than 2000.

    ps: I’ve been up your way but West Coast — Vancouver, Victoria — very lovely people and landscapes. California has mostly Green Politics along the coast where I live. We have been Dems since forever. Not this year though.

    Thank you as an American for doing the Keating post — I may ref it? Thank you.

  6. Sure, go ahead. If you want to reference anything I have put up, go for it.

    I don’t mind anyone referencing my website, but it better be an honest representation on what I am saying. I have seen how some bloggers will take a sentence and claim it means something completely different then its original intention.

    I do trust a person who voted for Hillary though, keep up the good work.

  7. I can appreciate your intellect and insights… I will read your blogs to get a differenc perspective…you will hear from me. And thank you for taking the time to blog on my page. Your the type of persons I was looking to attract? challenge my thinking and dialog on different levels…

  8. I have tried posting a short investigative piece I wrote on other blogs without success. I guess the Truth Squads are watching all over the Net. Thought I´d post it under your blog´s last article, since you took the time to read one of my comments and reply. Thanks in advance for letting me post here.

  9. Nope, my piece did not post. Do you know if I am unwittingly violating posting rules? Thanks for your help!

  10. Thank you, clancop, for your excellent article. I live in France and believe me, it’s just as hard, if not harder to get unbiased information here as well as from some British TV stations. The French media think Obama is god’s gift to humanity… people didn’t even know who he was running against until just a few weeks before the election. They’ve never even HEARD of partial-birth abortions. When I started telling them, everybody thought I was crazy. I’m like you, I like to examine the issues before I decide. If it hadn’t been for internet, this would have been mission impossible over here. I even wrote to some of the main newspapers, they didn’t even acknowledge my e-mails. And now that Obama is president elect they’re even MORE admirative! NOBODY even mentions fraud, and shady associates, illegal donations, marxist theories, etc. etc. I sincerely hope this all comes out one of these days and soon or it will be a very sad moment for democracy. I can’t understand why all these “uneducated college graduates” as you marvelously put it, have such a lack of judgement. If the Americans are conquered by the “American Idol” image, the French are as well, and, you know, how French think they are smarter than anyone else ! They are soon in for a rude awakening.

  11. If there is anything you want me to write about, tell me, I will do what I can. Is there a topic you want to no about? I do what I can, and as long as people keep reading, I will keep writing.

    Don’t worry about Obama. We have seen his kind before, like Jimmy Carter, they last at most four years and then get laughed out of office.

  12. well, clancop, you seem like kind of run-of-the-mill tribal. No insight, just partisan crap. Kind of a waste of education and travel, IMO. Maybe stretch out a bit, read more than CPC pamphlets and pressers, have a look at what the past decade has done to the American economy (that wasn’t Obama at the helm, you know. He may not be the saviour every American wishes he was, but he’s going to bring a different perspective, one that’s long overdue south of the border.

    • Well it is good to know that you are simply a run-of-the-mill zealot, not understanding what is happening to your country, nor caring. You are a waste of a human being, wasting time swallowing CPC pamphlets and pressers, ignoring what has ACTUALLY been happening in the country over the last decade. 2000 brought the collapse of the IT sector, which Bush inherited from Clinton (a collapse only exceeded by this recent financial crisis), and then you had 9/11 and Katrina to contend with. Even then, you saw positive GDP growth hitting 5.4% in 2005 (at the start of his second term in office). Much of the problems started with the collapse of the oil markets, which was multiplied with the refineries being damaged during the hurricane. 2006 elections rolled around and Democrats got in promising to fix the crisis, but their push towards “green” technology (which put money in Nancy Pelosi’s pocket because she has significant shares of these companies) only made it worse. Chalk in a lack of confidence from Obama during the start of his campaign (perception plays a big role if you bothered to read other posts of mine), as well as others, and the market responds negatively… You see, I have been paying attention, that is what my education allowed me to do…

      My travels showed me that left leaning politics leads to one thing, a larger gap between those with money and those without. Look at the Obamas themselves, compare their lifestyle and the goals they have set for the country and explain to me how that helps the disadvantaged like the infamous Peggy Joseph? He took office and the first thing he did was tell Americans to tighten their budget, stop “useless” spending (which slows the economy down even more, which I know thanks to my education), all the while he spent his “ill-gotten wealth” on a awful tacky ring for his wife, and taxpayer money on Wednesday parties at the White House. I saw this in China, in Beijing especially, where the rich spent their money freely and without concern on things like over-priced coats, coats that would take me as an English teach two months to save up for, money which they took from those who lived far under them. If I have to criticize the Chinese on one thing, it is that they have constructed a system which doesn’t allow upward movement for the lower class. It might not have been Obama at the helm, but those with his ideals were there, undermining a financial system far superior to that found in socialist countries. Spreading the wealth has lead to poverty for most under these proposed welfare programs (kept down with promises of not having to work, just taking handouts), the Corps (as I covered in one of my blog posts) enlists these people as “slaves” bound by “patriotism” to do work for the state, undermining the financial system by granting unions more control has destroyed the British auto market and now threatens to do the same in America (and he is wishing to extend that with card checks), etc Don’t tell me my travels were a waste when you yourself couldn’t have even survived the year in Nantong, let alone understood what was to be learned by living in such a social/political environment. That wasn’t a wasted travel, it was a learning experience which showed me not just how awful a political system the Chinese have, not just how that system shouldn’t be applied elsewhere, but how hypocritical the left is in their criticism of a country which is “doing its best with a bad hand” (don’t criticize what you can’t understand), when they themselves wish to impose similar measures on this side of the pacific… The “Great Leap Forward” failed, and yet Obama is looking to give it a shot in America…

      I know your kind well, too well. Your criticism of me is ignorant, not taking into account that I have blasted the right for their ill-advised position on extreme free-market principles, a position which could only lead to a growth in monopolies (government must play a part in maintaining competition in the market, a guiding hand as it were). You also forget that this is not a “new” perspective at all, much of this bullshit Obama is pushing now has not only been tried and failed elsewhere (Canada’s health care system isn’t something to be proud of), but even within the United States itself. Hawaii was the latest state to try the socialized medical system, and in two months it collapsed on itself (but of course you didn’t read about that one did you?). You are just another ignorant “mental midget” trying to tell me to shut up since you can’t stand that I didn’t reach your ill-informed conclusion when I examined all the facts. The British are starting to refer to Obama as another “Jimmy Carter”, so I find it hilarious that those who live in the same country where this man leads can’t see that his “perspective” leads to that kind of failure… Truly pathetic…

      You are just another pathetically ignorant blogger who refuses to get the bigger picture… That “Hope and Change” is simply “More of the same” on steroids… Hilariously pathetic…

      • The guy tells me what I “should have learned” during my university years and my time in China. The idiot then tells me how Obama is going to bring “change” to the United States with his “new perspective”. The change he has brought to both America and Canada (economies are attached at the hip) is financial ruin, and there is nothing “new” about socialism. It failed everywhere it has been tried, including in China. The Chinese have since adopted Western capitalistic practices and have benefited greatly for it.

        A little sensitive? I don’t tolerate absolute stupidity from someone demanding I reach the wrong conclusions he has. I have no time to waste on rabid partisans like him, or idiots like you… Pathetic…

  13. I agreed with your statement in the National Post about the left lamenting the loss of their saviour and followed the link to this blog. I’m not sure anyone could be more anti-Obama than me, but you do seem to have caught on to his treachery.
    I’m certainly not against leftist criticism but it seems those on the left never research anything nor read any history; no grasp at all of an intellectual approach to politics. We’ll be in touch…best wishes.

    • It is not that I am 100% anti-Obama like those on the left are anti-Sarah/Bristol Palin. I would never go to any violent extreme like that man from Wisconsin who shot his television because Bristol was on ‘Dancing with the Stars.’

      Personally, I couldn’t care for Barack Obama the person. He definitely isn’t honest, he lacks character and he isn’t as smart as many of his supporters believe he is. He does appear to be a nice guy, but you and I know better. With that said, if he wasn’t President of the United States, I would ignore him like I do the rest of the far-left. His ideas aren’t new, he doesn’t have a grasp on the lessons of history, as you pointed out, especially American history, and off teleprompter, he babbles. Why would anyone waste any time on this man if he wasn’t President?

      Thanks for visiting and I hope you come back often and leave more comments.

    • No worries. If you have a piece, post it and I will give it a look. Don’t worry, happens to me often. I have scrapped posts because I had finished them, then something happens and I lose 50%+ of what I wrote.

  14. Hi. For the last days, we have been inundated with everything Egypt. So many pages of drivel have been written and said about this, “revolution.” So much misinformation and naive views about that holiest of grails, democracy. Then, I read your comment in the National Post, and, in two sentences, you summed it up the situation accurately and clearly. “…it started as a riot over bread prices by socialists…hijacked by radical islamists who staged this coup from the mosques and madrassas…” After all the indulgent, know-it-all blah blah blahs, it was just so refreshing to read the simplistic truth. As I have complained before, I am so utterly tired of people spewing garbage about democracy and Egypt; people who haven’t a sense of history, haven’t done any research and yet, are political pundits. “It’s a real people’s revolution who just want to live with freedom and democracy, not with islamic fundamentalism. The world is now a better place for us all,” said the wide-eyed, smiling, girl handing out flowers at Freedom Square. If only it were so. Unfortunately, she’ll find out. I look forward to reading your comments…keep well, kc

    • It’s hard not to agree with you. The vast majority of the media haven’t been doing their job, instead pushing this naive narrative about freedom and democracy in Egypt. Am I saying that democracy in Egypt is a bad thing? At the moment, yes. We have seen the polls, we have heard the chanting on the streets, and any government elected by these people will not be democratic. As they say in the Middle East, “one man, one vote, one time.” It would be nice if our media reported this.

      You just have to know where to look. Walid Shoebat was on ‘The Larry Elder Show’ last week discussing this, and he pointed to socialist/communist parties within Egypt that pushed for more radical change with bread riots. Others also pointed to the fact that socialist/communist groups in the Middle East as always trying to topple regimes under the misguided belief that any revolution they start, they can control. As we saw in Egypt, that is never the case.

      Anyways, thanks for the comment. I hope you keep coming back to my blog to read my posts and leave comments.

  15. It’s become a cliche. Marxist-Leninist tools can definitely manifest a revolution, but, nobody ever asks, “What happens after the revolution?” Time after time, a new dictator is born. Undoubtedly, the new dictator will be of the fundamentalist persuasion. If this scenario holds true, the Egyptians will have changed one dictator for another, and will be under sharia. Sometimes the old boss is better than the new boss. Won’t get fooled again…hah!

    • Agreed. It has gotten to the point where it is definitely a tired cliche. Students running around preaching revolution and overthrow, and yet no idea of what could follow. Some haven’t bothered to educate themselves on history, others act as if those previous revolutions made significant mistakes they won’t repeat. Ignorant as well as naive, but this is what you find with these people.

      What’s troubling is this idea coming out from this shift in leaders in Europe is that Western democracies are somehow less democratic. Think about that; a switch from one military dictatorship to another is somehow more democratic than an actual democratic system. These people are just idealists, dreamers without a firm grasp on reality. One has to wonder whether or not they would prefer a socialist dictatorship to our systems, especially seeing how they couldn’t get a large enough portion of the electorate to support their fringe beliefs.

      So you read my piece on the transfer of power eh? What did you think?

  16. Correct me if I’m wrong but despite your taking pot shots at a variety of personalities and referring to them as twits, for example, I don’t see you putting yourself on the line. So you have degrees; lots of people have degrees. Who the hell are you? Anonymity seems to be your objective. If you’re going to have opinions and want to put them out publicly, don’t hide in the shadows.

    • Many of those who share my opinions, especially on Islam, get death threats and threatened with lawsuits. Though I hate to admit it, I don’t have the readership nor the ability to raise such funds to defend against the latter. The conservative blogosphere is great for that sort of thing, but being an unknown doesn’t help me there. As for the former, though many well-known and high-earning bloggers can afford bodyguards, I cannot. You see a pattern here? Oh, I’m sorry, you don’t seem to be able to grasp these basic concepts.

      As for education, while many people have degrees, many of those degrees lack any value outside what’s needed for a specific field. Economics is one of the more valuable degrees one can get in university because of its real world applications. Degrees like journalism are field specific, as well as lacking in any serious substance. You don’t learn about economic theory, market forces, historical trends, etc with that kind of education. Aside from increasing one’s GPA to get into medical school or law school, unless you are determined to work in that field, those kinds of education are useless. To put it another way, do you want fries with that degree? Let me guess, you have a “McDonald’s degree” don’t you?

      As for putting myself on the line, you did read my ‘About Me’ section where you a learned bit about who I am and what kind of education I have. Though it lacks my personal information (for reasons listed above), any intelligent reader can understand who I am and what my beliefs are and why. You have demonstrated to me that you aren’t intelligent enough to figure this out either. Matter of fact, your Facebook profile, aside from your name, some stupid comment about Jews and a vague comparison of Christians to Marxists and Nazis, lacks any kind of information about who you are and what kind of education you have. Who are you to criticize me for being anonymous when you hide so much about yourself?

      It’s obvious that age hasn’t taught you wisdom Marshall Shapiro. Your lack of intelligence tells me that you would be better off changing your screen name and picture to acquire anonymity so you can continue posting stupid comments without peopling knowing it’s you. Twit…

  17. I find your smug and pretentious comments to be a disservice to the blogging community. Instead of responding to certain comments in a mature manner, you decide to be condescending. In fact, that seems to be a pattern of yours as I’ve read a few of your defensive comments. You have created this site partially to impress people with your factual knowledge. It is obvious that you pay attention to current events and have done your homework. However, you are quite frankly a social retard. I don’t think you are completely hiding in the shadows, so I do disagree with Mr. Shapiro on that. I do find it interesting that your picture is a avatar of some kind with added “flare” rather than a unedited picture of yourself. It looks like your twit used a real photo.

    Please refrain from using the word intelligence as though you are a wise scholar. A true measure of intellect does not include using quotes and dropping credentials. You attended the University of Ottawa and received a bachelor’s degree in economics. I agree with you in that your degree is useful. However, the school you attended does not make for an impressive show of academia. Had you mentioned Oxford, Harvard, or even EHESS, I would be more inclined to respect your perspective. Nonetheless, it doesn’t matter where you were educated because your true character shines through when you respond to comments that upset your ego. You are a smart person and that counts for something. It’s nice to see somebody with a passion for what is going around the world. You may be very intelligent, but the way you belittle people in your comments is just plain arrogant. Instead of tearing my comment to shreds with another barrage of insults, I encourage you to do some self-reflection and realize that you need to work on how you handle criticisms. You obviously pride yourself on being intelligent, so I’ll share this secret with you in hopes that you actually take a proactive approach: People will respect you more and find you more reputable if you avoid responding so negatively. You have some soul searching to do – there’s no good reason to be so nasty to people. What are your trying to prove?

    • How should I respond to someone who’s clearly trying to prove themselves with such an offensive and vacuous comment?

      I do a disservice to the blogging community? How is another opinion on various subjects a disservice? You might not like my blunt approach, but there are many who do. As for being mature and not condescending, after reading your comment I believe you should be taking your own advice. There is nothing of substance there, just one long attack about how I conduct myself on my own blog. If it really is a content issue, then go somewhere else. With the number of blog in the blogosphere, you don’t need to be here responding to how I respond to those who offend me. On that note, seeing how obsessed you are with attacking me over my comments, I would also wonder whether it is you or I who is the social retard.

      On the topic of intelligence, which you seem to spend a lot time discussing it and not defining it. Intelligence is the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills, not education. I might not have an education from an Ivy League school, but that speaks to my lack of wealth, not a lack of intelligence. The University of Ottawa is a well-respected university, and while it might not have the name recognition as a Harvard or Yale, it doesn’t mean the quality of the education is considerably lacking. For your information, I am also nearly finished a second degree in history from Carleton University. Simply put, my education isn’t the issue. I could spend years at Ivy League schools and yet lack the intelligence to apply what I have learned to the real world. With the wealth of information available on any given topic, as well as the ease of access to such information, one doesn’t need to attend any of these institutions to become well-versed in any particular subject. What keeps me blogging is that even those with Ivy League educations seem unable to give intelligent opinions as they are unable to apply the knowledge they acquired. I believe that those who display such a lack of intelligence need to be constantly reminded of their deficiency, especially if they believe themselves to be our betters. Then and only then will they spend the time to evaluate their position on a given topic.

      Finally, concerning respect, only those who have earned it receive it. Coming onto my blog to insult me doesn’t guarantee anything except a sharply worded response. In fact, considering how petty some bloggers can be, these people should be grateful I even let them comment. If you have a well-informed opinion on a particular subject and wish to correct me on what I have said, you don’t need to resort to insults. Matter of fact, I have spent hours debating various topics with a number of people who looking for a good conversation. If that’s what someone is looking for, I don’t mind spending the time with them. The problem is that those with strong opinions, especially ill-informed opinions, are rarely so polite. There are also people who will leave insulting comments simply because I’m Catholic and hold conservative views on various social issues. How do you propose I respond to those comments? If someone is hostile to me, I respond in kind. There is nothing to be gained by me wasting my time trying to change the mind of someone who is determined to hate me for who I am.

      You might not like how I handle myself, but that’s your problem, not mine. This blog is simply an outlet, a way for me to vent my frustrations on various topics. I am not trying to prove anything nor do I need to prove anything to anyone. If you are unable to understand that, then you’re not half as intelligent as you believe yourself to be.

  18. Politically & socially speaking I’m a disenfranchised, apathetic moderate who used to be a bitter liberal, then a disillusioned conservative. I love your entries. I came across your journal when I was doing a search on why Geiger was gone from Deadliest Warrior.

    I must say, you have amazing patience in dealing with some of these pseudo-intellectual, know-nothing-know-it-all dregs!

    Hats off to you and keep fighting the good fight

    • Thanks for the comment. It is nice to hear some people appreciate what I write. Being a Canadian conservative, I understand what it is to be apathetic. We vote for and elect conservatives who are anything but as they increase spending for programs they promised to reduce, if not eliminate when they came to power. It’s hard to be anything but apathetic because of this. As for patience, yes, you do need patience when dealing with these pseudo-intellectuals. Sometimes its hard to write posts because it is so very easy to lose patience and simply resort to name calling. As for your political beliefs, I don’t know why you are no longer a conservative, and I hope you change your mind about it, but it isn’t my place to tell people what to believe. As long as you educate yourself on the facts, that’s really all that matters.

      Once again, thanks for the comment and I hope you keep reading my blog.

  19. BTW you “social moderate”, calling people “coloured folk” shows your stomach-turning racism.

    Talk about the pot calling the kettle black when you are quick to throw trash-talking labels at other people.

    Can’t have your sacred cows in this game, buddy.

    • Yeah, I’m a social moderate. I don’t care what people want to do themselves. Abortion, homosexuality, etc as long as it doesn’t affect me directly, it’s none of my business. Same goes with skin colour. I used the term “coloured folk” sarcastically, since I had been accused of racism before by twits like you. Seeing how you’re mentally deranged, I understand you have a hard time understanding sarcasm.

      As for my “sacred cows,” when aren’t they in the game? Every time I turn around, one of your ilk are attacking the Catholic Church, conservative values, etc and it’s really annoying. You spend your time insulting anyone and everyone who don’t share your beliefs, but you can’t allow for other to criticize your beliefs for being hypocritical or hollow, if not naive and dangerous. If the left didn’t have double standards, they would have no standards at all.

      Get lost twit, you’re not intelligent enough for me to waste anymore time with.

    • The video is back up. SDAMatt2 changed his Youtube account so the videos I embedded are missing. I will see what I can do, but this is the only one I could find of that group.

      When I get back to blogging, I’ll have to really clean up some of these posts eh? Thanks for you comment and I hope you keep reading my blog.

    • This final reply stays, but I have removed every mention of the person in question. Your final threatening reply will also be deleted, but I have taken screenshots of all your posts, including the threatening ones. This will be used as evidence just in case you decide to return and continue harassing me.

      As for unrelenting efforts to deceive, that’s slanderous. I have evidence to back up what I say on this blog, and even with your scrubbing of various websites, I have taken screenshots (you didn’t do such a good job). You, on the other hand, do not. You have threatened me, accussed me of targeting the person in question with another blog which you still won’t disclose (what was that about unrelenting efforts to deceive?), all in an amateurish effort to intimidate me. You haven’t even be honest with me about who you are (I will find out soon, no worries about that), but I’m guessing at this point you’re probably aggressive lawyer who’s trying his damndest to get disbarred. Considering how unimportant this all was, at least from my perspective, it won’t be long before you’re looking for another line of employment.

      Now this is a warning to you. Threaten me again, and I will contact the proper authorities with your e-mail and IP address. I have documented your harassment and considering that this entire situation could have been resolved with honesty on your part (something you refused to give me), it’s clear which one of us crossed a line. Just a reminder, I have already spoken to law enforcement regarding this matter and I will take the proper steps if you wish to continue down this road. Understand?

    • You’re pretty stupid aren’t you? A tag is a simple way of finding other blog posts. It’s a link which connects other posts with the same subject matter. It isn’t a webpage devoted to someone. I have 1,932 tags, that is 1,932 links to other articles from a similar tag. Such tags include “2010 Midterm Elections.” “ABC” (the television station), “Afghanistan,” etc Understand or do I need to type slower?

      As for your threats, I wonder if WordPress would like to hear about what you’ve been up to. The forums the story in question was on, apparently the web master, Christopher Stucky at the The Diamond David Lee Roth Army, had no idea about what was going on or that anything had been changing on the forums in question.

      I have no clue who this person is you are referring to.

      I doubt you have even talked to WordPress.com about this. Also, I noticed that you have changed your contact information to a non-existent Twitter account. You’re not a lawyer are you? Your a hacker right? Did you hack those websites? Is your name even Andrew Brady? I doubt it.

      You’ve now crossed the line. I will contact WordPress.com about your harassment, as well as law enforcement. I have evidence to back up what I put on this blog, that means proof of who wrote what articles. You, however, do not. I hope you realize that you were the one who brought it this far.

    • If I didn’t have assignment after assignment to write for class, I would be writing blog posts. The problem is that lately I have been VERY busy and I have no time to even put up a quick one.

      Thank you for the comment though. I’ll see about putting up a blog post soon, but no promises 😉

  20. Hello C. Lancop/Northern Thoughts,

    From my own frustrations with the resolute indifference to factual and truthful engagements on The Young Turks, most prominently by Cenk Uygur, my internet search for others, beyond a reddit “rant” I had found*, who are seeing through this veiled propaganda let me to your post: “Cenk Uygur is a Moron: Clueless, Creepy and Downright Disturbing”. Very accurate deconstructions and analysis!! As one commenters also said there: ‘They just do not have the conviction of their claims/beliefs’.

    * Appropriately Entitled: “I think I’m giving up on TYT (more accurately: they’re giving up on themselves)”

    I don’t mind people being wrong, I just can’t stand when they do not even care to be right, and when that is in the context of news and information, that is to me just exponentially “mind-boggling” as you say. Clearly TYT is just content with trying to attract, and then (generationally) brainwash, impressionable teens out there. (Whatever will get you the most YouTube views/$$$ I guess.)

    Further readings in your blog also led me to read this “About Me” page: And as a Christian, “educated/(questioning) Catholic”, and also a fellow (proud) Canadian (I live in the Montreal area), you may appreciate a blog post of mine which addresses several of these issues above, mainly springboarding from the extreme and factless claims of those on TYT. You may also appreciate the rest of my blog. I also cover in pertinent Geo-Religious details certain political issues such as the 2008 Obama vs. McCain Choice, the 2012 Race, and potential 2016 developments.

    Blog post title: “The Worldview of Unbelievers (Rom 1:16-2:16)”
    Blog: “Theological Views”

    Great Work on your blog!!
    Best Wishes!
    NJK Project

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